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Vincent Losada

"The PA means career to me. It is an agency with so many different, interesting disciplines that one can work in over the length of their career."

BranchUnited States Marine Corps
Military RankCaptain
Military Position(s)Company Commander
Artillery Battery Executive Officer
Forward Observer & Joint Fires Observer
Active / Inactive Duty5 years: Active Duty
2013 – Present: Reserves
PA Position2015 Leadership Fellow

Can you summarize your military duties and commands?

My first billet was as a Forward Observer and Joint Fires Observer with an Infantry Company deployed to Afghanistan. During this time, I was responsible for artillery, mortars, and close air support for my company, as well as coordinating the medical evacuations with incoming aircraft for wounded Marines.

My second billet was as an Artillery Battery Executive Officer that deployed as part of a Battalion Landing Team on a Marine Expeditionary Unit. During this time, I was the position commander during live fire exercises, as well as a lead coordinator for the battery during operations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Currently, I am serving as the Company Commander for a truck company in the Marine Corps Reserves, as well as the Air Base Ground Defense Officer for a helicopter squadron.

What factors encouraged you to apply to the Port Authority?

I love the fact that the PA is a crucial part of key infrastructure in the area that I live. Working at the PA enables me to have a real impact on the economic development and the lives of people in the place that I call my home. This enables me to continue serving a greater good, which is personally important to me.

How have your military skills and training helped to get your job, but also come in useful in your career at the PA?

The most important skill developed in the military is, in my opinion, leadership. Even at the small-unit level in the military, you are gaining invaluable experience and skills in regards to leading others. Additionally, my missions prepared me to deal with some ambiguity that challenged me to creatively figure out a solution and allocate resources whether physical or human, which has helped greatly.

What does the PA mean to you?

The PA means career to me. It is an agency with so many different, interesting disciplines that one can work in over the length of their career.

Do you have any advice to new veterans who are looking for a position at the Port Authority?

Do your due diligence and research the agency. See all the different job opportunities available, and chances are you will find something that interests you.