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Contract and Regulatory Enforcement Compliance Supervisor

This job posting is no longer active.

Job ID: 61049
Department: Security Operations & Programs
Location: Flushing, NY


TITLE:         Contract and Regulatory Enforcement Compliance Supervisor

LEVEL:Band 4

DEPT:          CSO – Security Operations & Programs Department

DIVISION:Aviation Security LGA


NOTE:   The selected candidate will be required to undergo a background investigation conducted by the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD)



This position is responsible to:

  1. Maintain overall compliance of the airport with federal regulations, to include airport operators compliance with airport security regulations, as well as compliance of airport tenants and stakeholders.
  2. Identify and correct non-compliant security conditions.


  • This position will be directly responsible for maintaining the Airport Security Program up to date, implementing TSAs Security Directives (SD) and National Amendments (NA), providing regulatory guidance to all parties involved in Port Authoritys security operations (e.g. Airport Operations personnel, Airport Credentialing Office, Construction Security, unarmed security guard contractor, Computerized Access Control System (CACS) contractor, Airport Security Compliance Inspectors team, Security Auditing contractor, etc.).
  • The incumbent will also be heavily involved in the review and revision of Exclusive Area Agreements (EAAs) and Airport Tenant Security Programs (ATSPs). The incumbent will also serve as the main security point of contact and is the lead security planner for airport construction security arrangements. The incumbent will serve as the authoritative lead on security regulatory matters to other airport security staff and serve as Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) in the absence of the Airport Security Manager. Must be able to work occasional beyond the normal daily hours, weekend and evening hours, and rotating shifts as circumstances may dictate, including response to the airport during security and/or weather emergencies.
  • This position is one of high trust and is responsible for confidential and sensitive security information. This position requires TSA secret security clearance.
  • Maintain the Airport Security Program (ASP) and all Exclusive Area Agreements (EAAs), and Airport Tenant Security Programs (ATSPs). This involves writing amendments for the TSA Federal Security Directors (FSD) and enforcing tenant compliance with the programs. Assist in strategic planning on all matters involving Airport Security Program (ASP). Coordinate with staff to provide input and feedback in regard to PA polices and future airport initiatives.
  •  Serve as the supervisory point of contact for the unit’s Senior Security Coordinators and the team assigned to construction security matters, who are responsible for developing security plans for construction sites, containment of workers and inspection and escorts of vehicles and airfield construction site activities for compliance with TSA and PA security requirements.
  •  Direct PA Airport Operations Field Supervisory staff (FS) in their round-the-clock security responsibilities
    Oversee, ensure quality control checks and provide general directions to an Unarmed Security Guard compliance staf
  • Coordinates corrective actions related to compliance staff findings and ensures tenants cooperation in addressing security issues previously discovered
  • Serve as an authoritative lead on security operations and policy, and provide work guidance, direction, and counsel to the Senior Security Coordinators for credentialing, contract management, physical security, technology, and other security matters, etc.
  • Serve as a highly knowledgeable authority on TSA security regulations for airports and provide information, analyses, and recommendations to executive management and airport stakeholders regarding the regulations, proposed modifications to the regulations, and the impact of the regulations on airport security, operations, and business.
  • Review/Maintain/Develop/Implement security polices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the airport security program and propose revisions to airport rules and regulations regarding security, where needed.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Transportation Security Clearinghouse, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), other federal agencies, PAPD, airport community and other PA departments for efficient and effective security operations.
  • Manage or assist in the implementation of new or enhanced security systems and/or projects/programs.
  • Participate on security industry working groups involving research and report writing, conference calls regarding implementation of new TSA Security Directives. Participate and/or lead PA security meetings.
  • Assist in airport emergency assignments including snow. Position may require rotating shifts and on call evening and weekend work.
  • In the absence of the primary Airport Security Coordinator (ASC), this position serves as the alternate ASC, as well as is a subject to revolving Alternate ASC duty between all certified Alternate ASCs within the department.
  • Prepare responses and execute corrective measures for audits performed by PA Audit and/or the TSA.
  • Assist the PAPD, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and other law enforcement agencies in special security investigations.
  • Coordinate with other PA airports to ensure consistent regulatory compliance.

 As necessary, this position may also be required to engage in other activities related to the day-to-day management of the Security Unit, to include the oversight of the security contracts:

  1. Manage the day-to-day operation of the Uniformed, Unarmed Security Guard Service Contract. This includes oversight of 100 – 300 guards who provide access to secured areas, conduct surveillance of airport parking lots, conduct facility patrols, provide secure escorts and perform surveillance using specialized equipment.  
  2. Manage the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) which includes monitoring system status and its operation, oversight of the contractor’s response to ensure timely service or repair; coordinate activities for expansion or modifications to the system; interface with PA Police and multiple PA departments and stakeholders. Oversee contract staff use of the system, their training and their performance effectiveness. Develop recommendations for improving system. Conduct forensic analysis of intrusion events to identify perpetrators and/or operator or system errors.
  3. Manage the CCTV surveillance system and its use which includes serving as a point-of-contact for review and approval/denial of all system access requests; coordinate expansion of system, equipment storage, system modifications and software upgrades and infrastructure support such as fiber installation. This requires working closely with multiple stakeholders such as the PA Technology Services Department, Airport Operations, TSA, Project Management Department, etc.




      Must be able to work occasional overtime hours, weekend and evening hours, and rotating shifts as circumstances may dictate, including response to the airport during security and/or weather emergencies.


Minimum Requirements:

      Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field and:

  • At least three (3) years of experience in Aviation or Security Operations/Management, or
  • Working in a supervisory role working in a demanding environment


      Must be able to obtain TSA secret security clearance after hiring.



Desirable Requirements:

      Three years of contract administration and monitoring of contractor performance.


      Three or more years of aviation security experience at the supervisory level or equivalent to the responsibilities of the position at a commercial service airport, which includes maintaining an Airport Security Program (ASP), Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program (AOSSP) or Model Security Program (MSP), and implementation/interpretation of Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)1500-series regulations and corresponding SDs, NAs or AOSSP changes.


Position Characteristics of Ideal Candidate:

      Knowledge of and/or ability to learn Port Authority and Aviation operating policies and procedures including those related to contract administration, budgeting, staffing, and contract development.


      Knowledge of and/or familiarity with Transportation Security Administration Security Regulations 49 CFR 1540, 1542, 1544 and 1546.


      Knowledge of and/or familiarity with Air Terminal Rules and Regulations, especially with regard to security.


      Knowledge of and/or familiarity with Port Authority Airport Security ID Card Program, audit program, and security standard operating procedures.


      Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment.


      Demonstrated ability to identify problems and develop long-term solutions.


      Demonstrated ability to multi-task while providing outstanding customer service.


      Demonstrated ability to meet or exceed performance objectives and measures.


      Ability to effectively interact with internal and external management and governmental agencies.


      Strong, proven, oral and written communication and presentation skills.


      Proficiency with Microsoft Office software programs, specifically, Excel, Outlook, Word, and Power Point.


      Familiarity with contract administration and monitoring of contractor performance.


      Excellent analytical skills.


      Knowledge of Title 14 CFR Part 139, pertaining to airport safety, certification and operations.


      Demonstrated knowledge and experience with various computerized systems.


      Demonstrated knowledge and experience with PA SAP billing and payment system.


      Demonstrated knowledge of the PA’s Memorandum and Justification (MJ) and Board of Commissioners authorization process.



  1. The successful candidate must be able to pass a criminal history records check, as mandated by 49 CFR 1542, and meet all requirements necessary to obtain and maintain a Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) Card and airfield driving privileges.




How to Apply:

Interested candidates should apply to this job by clicking on the "Apply Now" button and submitting a resume. The Port Authority of NY & NJ welcomes veteran and military spouse applications.

Only applicants under consideration will be contacted.

About The Port Authority:

Founded in 1921, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey builds, operates, and maintains many of the most important transportation and trade infrastructure assets in the country. The agency's network of aviation, ground, rail, and seaport facilities is among the busiest in the country, supports more than 550,000 regional jobs, and generates more than twenty three billion in annual wages and eighty billion in annual economic activity. The Port Authority also owns and manages the 16-acre World Trade Center site, where the 1,776-foot-tall One World Trade Center is now the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey/Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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